Message to Kids

Message to Parents

A Life Skills Program

The Discover Magic curriculum is unlike any other in history. It is a Life Skills Course disguised as a Magic Course!

Your child will learn invaluable life skills that will be with them for a lifetime.


Rather than hoping for life skills as a potential by-product from learning magic, we’ve integrated and created what we call the

8 Traits of the True Magician into every class. 

Our performance-based learning systems specifically target the most valuable social skills children can learn. Along the way they will be taught to perform excellent magic tricks using props and materials custom designed with kids in mind!


Course Presentation

The curriculum is presented using a wide variety of mediums to appeal to different learning styles. There is printed material, live presentations by the instructor, video presentations and of course the hands-on practice and presentations with the high quality props provided with the course.


Course Materials

(No hidden fees, All tricks and course material provided with registration)

All materials used in this course were designed with children in mind. Colorful folders with lots of pictures and highlights to keep children engaged. The custom props were manufactured 

specifically for this course. Some of magic's oldest and best effects were modernized and 

manufactured to be handle by childrens smaller hands.


Course Content

The content and unique structure of the curriculum were created by some of the foremost thinkers and creators in the world of magic.  has a collective knowledge of teaching magic, magic history, teaching children, creating and performing magic on some of the biggest platforms in the world.